Also known as Kenneth, I'm just the local geek, artist, weeb, dragon nerd, master of whatever I'm good at. I'm a recent college graduate from Southeast Michigan, with an educational background in game design and software development, although I found that my passion lies in creating the art and assets. I've been able to apply that knowledge, so far, to edutainment for work experience. It appeared to be a broader subject that I can dive into, since it goes farther beyond just games. I hope to one day get into the artistic and illustrative sides of animation. For now, I'm getting into freelance and commission work. 

My style ranges from modern cartoons, to fantasy, to anime, and traditional comics. I like to experiment with angles and color palettes. Every piece I make allows me to learn a new perspective and technique. 

My message to everyone out there is no matter what circumstance you're in, no matter what you want to be, no matter how many people are behind you, be the best at what you can be and more. In other words....

Go Be a Master~